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The most important rule in volleyball is don’t let the ball hit the ground on your side of the court. There are many other opinions as to what rule is the most important, but the very basic concept of volleyball is to keep the ball in the air when it’s on your side of the court.

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The basic rules of volleyball are the same across all variations of the sport. Play is typically organized with two teams organized in a formation on either side of a net. Each team attempts to score points by sending the ball over the net to their opponent, with the goal of having the ball hit the ground to end each rally.

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In volleyball, a kill is an attack that isn’t returnable by the defender on the other team and leads immediately to a point. This can be by directly hitting the floor or by sending the ball that is so difficult to return, the defender can’t play it successfully.

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To score a point the ball must hit the ground within the outlined section in your opponents half. You can also score a point by your opponent failing to hit the outlined section within your half or your opponent hitting the ball into the net. A point can be scored off either teams serve.

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Attack: The offensive act of hitting the volleyball. Attacker: Also called " hitter " or "spiker." An offensive player who tries to hit the ball to end a play and ultimately earn a point for his team.

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Often the volleyball is hit low or close to the ground. Double contact : A fault where a player hits the volleyball two times in a row. Dump: When a player hits the ball over the net on the second contact. This is generally a surprise play when the setter appears to be setting the ball but then quickly hits it over the net and into an open spot.

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One of the most essential and basic hits in volleyball is the "bump". The bump is a type of "forearm passing," and typically used as the first hit as the ball comes over the net to pass the ball to a teammate. This allows the team to set up for a more planned attack back over the net.

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22. In Beach Volleyball, Blocking Is A Hit. When you compete at the net in beach volleyball, your block counts as 1 of your team’s 3 hits. The blocker can have the next contact, just like in indoor volleyball, but then there will be only 1 hit left to play the ball over. 23. No Back Row Players