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1. What is the name of the area on which the game of tennis is played? 2. On what type of surface is the game of tennis played? 3. Tennis is generally played as either singles or doubles. How many people are on the playing surface during a game of doubles? 4. A game of tennis is scored in a slightly unusual way.

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A ball landing on the line is considered out. 14. While playing doubles, teammates must alternate shots. 15. A serve must land in the diagonal service court. 16. The service court is larger in doubles than in singles. 17. A stroke used to return balls on the non-racket side of the body is called the backhand.

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Tennis is a sport played in many countries around the world. Do you know the basics of this deeply physical but deeply rewarding game? Enjoy! (Author jonnowales)

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The Prince of Tennis ~ Match! Tennis Juniors A tennis whiz beats the odds to excel on the court while juggling school and inspiring Quiz

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C. the number of games to be played in each set. D. serving or receiving. Chair Umpire Test 2. Chair Umpire Test 2. Chair umpire is the final authority on all matters regarding a tennis match. The Chair Umpire quiz below tests your knowledge on the rules and history or tennis. This quiz can also be taken by non-tennis fans as well.

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Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 1 (Quiz 1-20) 1) Before Boris Becker and Steffi Graf who was the only German to win a Wimbledon Singles title? Answer: Cilly Aussem (1931). 2) Maximum how many sets are played in women’s game? Answer: 3. 3) Who won a record of 19 Wimbledon Doubles title? Answer: Elizabeth Ryan.

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Wrong! -. A player hits a ball which strikes the singles net stick and then lands on the correct side of the court. Is the ball in play? Yes. No. Yes, but if it was a serve and it hits the singles stick it is a fault. No, but if it was a serve and it hits the singles stick it is a fault. Correct!

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To measure aerobic power. The test is particularly useful for tennis players because the movements used are similar to tennis with respect to the stop, start and change of direction movement patterns and can be easily administered with a squad or team simultaneously. Equipment • Multistage Fitness Test/20m Shuttle Run Test

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The vertical jump is a common test in most sports and is similar to various acceleration and game-related dynamic movements. It would appear valid to include some form of vertical-jump assessment to evaluate explosive power in tennis.Medicine ball tests (overhead throw) have shown to be useful for tennis players, as they show high external ...